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I have a nasty habit of collecting things, just in case they might be useful. One of those things is a collection of trackside advertising banners, scenic graphics, and backdrops, which I thought might be good to use on my track. As it happens I didn't use many of the advertising banners as they didn't look right on my rally track.

However, I think I've found a home for them now, in our new Graphics section, which is available from the Resources section of the Home page, or from the link below.

Slot Track Graphics

This is just a start, I'll build it up over time. So if there is anything you want that isn't there, just let me know.

[attachment=3213] [attachment=3212] [attachment=3214] [attachment=3211] [attachment=3215] [attachment=3216]
I have a collection of a few hundred logos in eps form.

I don't think I should put them all here as they were produced by my nephew who does artwork for motor racing sims and so, in theory, they are not mine to distribute.

However, if there is a particular one you are looking for, send me a PM and I'll see if I have it.
Thanks Gordon. Thumbup
These might be useful for decals.
Testing testing

Also Testing.

Tried D/L the eps file. Got a message along the lines of ' This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please installĀ a program or ........
Yup, better as a png. When I click on the eps file, it just downloads it and doesn't show it here.

Thanks guys.

It doesn't look like eps files are going to work. There is no preview, and most Windows users won't have any software to open them.
Jpegs are pretty universal, aren't they?

Don't know what downsides there might be to that though?
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