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We have a new section on the site, where we are gathering together a wide range of slot publications, everything from the very beginnings of our hobby to the latest releases, including hobby magazines, brand catalogues, and instruction manuals. We've put them all together into a neat little package, which we hope will make it easy to browse, with contents lists, and easily enlarged images.


We've called it the LIBRARY, and we hope it will be a valuable resource. But this is just the beginning, there is much more to come. We'll be adding more publications regularly, and if anyone has any magazines or brochures they can contribute,  please let me know.

The Library is available from the home page, or from the link below.

That's a fabulous resource already - thanks for all your hard work!
Thanks to you too Andy for the scans you've done.
We've added a few more publications to the library this week for your viewing and reading pleasure...
  • Ninco Catalogue 1999
  • Scalextric Catalogue 1979
  • MRRC Catalogue 1999
  • Auto World Catalogue 2010
  • Model Cars January 1965
  • Model Roads and Racing February 1964
Many thanks to those who have sent me scans and links, it's much appreciated. Thumbup
Many thanks for scanning all these old magazines and catalogues.
Well done.

rallyhub Thumbup
Thank you.

Scanning can be quite a laborious task, but thankfully everybody is pitching in and contributing.
This week's additions feature a Pre-Add G.P. Body Kits leaflet, and a complete change in direction for Scalextric when they devote half of their catalogue to a comic strip about a man known only by his code name, Speedmaster. Will he survive the Race of Death?

Here's the full list...
  • Pre-Add leaflet
  • Adventures with Scalextric 1981, & Digital catalogue 2006.
  • Ninco catalogue 2004
  • Airfix catalogue 1981
  • Model Cars February and March 1965
As always, many thanks to everybody sending in scans. If anybody wants to be credited for their efforts, just let me know.
We've just added six more publications to the Library.

There are three new Scalextric catologues from 1988, 2000, and 2002, and three new editions of Model Roads and Racing from March, April, and May 1964.
We've now added some more reading material for those long winter nights that are fast approaching, at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere.

There are two more Scalextric catalogues for 2003 & 2006, our first SCX catalogue from 2006, and nine issues of Model Cars spanning April 1965 through to December 1965. The May 1965 issue has an article on Presto Park MMRC, for anybody interested.
Just another update, though a fairly substantial one this week. Additions include...

  • Four new Carrera catalogues from 2013, 2015, 2016 & 2017
  • Six Fly catalogues from 1997, 98, 99, 2000 & 2002
  • Three Policar catalogues 2017, 2019 Cars & 2019 Accessories
  • Polistil catalogue 1979
  • VIP catalogue 1968
  • Model Car & Track October 1965
That brings us to a total of 99 full publications, so it's building up nicely.

We've also added a new section where we'll start to collect together various articles by subject matter, often including articles where we don't have a full magazine to put them with. The first collection is Tracks & Track Plans.

Thanks again to all who have contributed.
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