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Full Version: Selling all my cars - Part 1!
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Hi all,
I am getting out of slot cars so I have a lot of cars for sale, this being the first installment.

Prices for the cars below are without P+P

P+P to UK will be £4 for 1 to 2 boxed or 1 to 4 unboxed cars I will have to work out postage for other destinations.

First up we have new, or at most test lap only cars boxed. 

2x Scalextric F430, the white on the "Sara" car does look to have discoloured a little from age, I would like £35 each or the pair for £60


2x Scalextric Bentley GT3 £15 each, Scalextric Aston Martin Vantage GT3, £25


SCX Aston Martin Vantage GT3 £20

Now onto Used on my track, some may have missing mirrors, or ariel's, so study pics please. Most have wood guides so will either need trimming or replacing for plastic track.  I would prefer to sell these in their their pairs.


NSR Mclarens, converted to inline with NSR pods and Baby King 19K motors, the hubs may not be OE but they are all aluminium and air hubs at the rear. glued tyres.
I am after £70 for the pair.


Revoslot Posche GT1 Stock apart from Revo Slot wood guides fitted and one size up chassis nuts to enable more float. £80 the pair.


Pioneer Dodge Chargers, General Lee and General Grant. All stock £45 the pair.


Sideways Group 5 Mustang and Capri. Mostly stock apart from wheels and inserts, tyres and guides. £60 the pair.


Scalextric Mclaren F1s. Amato 3dp Chassis, Slot it motor pods, upgraded gears and axles with original motors and wheels, slot it tyres. £60 the pair.


Scalextric Ford Sierra and BMW M3 touring cars. PCR chassis Slot motor pods, original motors upgraded guides gears wheels and tyres. £50 the pair.


Carrera Superbirds. Amato universal 3dp IL chassis, slot it motor pods and gearing, aluminimum wheels NSR tyres, reworked original interiors, NC5 Motors, Wood track guides.
Pair 1 #71 & #42 £70 the pair
Pair 2 #14 & #99 £70 the pair


SRC Toyota LMP. 3dp KAT chassis, Scaleauto AW pod, slot it gears, aluminium wheels, air hub rears, I think the motor is a Scaleauto SC-0029 22.5k, wood guide.
Used for a couple of club races but no breakages. £50

Advertised elsewhere.
As usual, PM me any questions, thanks for looking !
Pm sent
PM sent regarding the two Pioneer Dodge Chargers
PM re: Revoslots if still available please.
... and the purple and red/gold chargers if Kev' hasn't bagged all four please.
Pioneer Dodge Chargers sold to Kev.

All Daytona/Superbirds sold to Top Down.

RevoSlot Porsches sold to Top Down.
Wow. At those prices, I'd expect the lot to be gone toot sweet!
SRC Toyota Sold
Sorry to hear to are stopping Cool 

Expect to see more train pots as a result!!! Bigsmile
PM sent re green Bentley Continental GT3. 

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