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I've never been a book reader but having recently finished 'The Limit' by Michael Cannell that I received at Christmas...for the first time in my life I'm missing having a good book to read.

What are your recommendations?
[attachment=34096]Two obvious choices if you want it racing based.
My top two:
A legend in his own lap time! A superb biography.

Relive the glory days  of the ' Bentley Boys'. Long out of print but often turns up in second hand bookshops.
The Bentley Boys book popped up on my Amazon search and is in my shopping trolley  Thumbup
Trans Am The Golden Years (closely related to "the Unfair Advantage" which I have not read)
24 Hours War
Blood Sweat and Gears
The last two are "historical novels". While based in reality, the embellish a few details and make claims that cannot always be 100% substantiated... but why would you want facts to screw up a good stroy! :-D
This is the book I have, I like the idea of a pic to go with a post

[Image: 31443959.jpg]

I'm 80% through this book and an enjoyable read that opened my eyes to a lot of things and made me appreciate Damon a heck of a lot more than before I'd read his book.