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Full Version: Brushless Carrera Digital
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Check this out, a brushless motor fitted to a Carrera Digital car. Nice!

That looks like a Revoslot not Carrera
I was going to say the same thing as Kevan. The pic on the cover is a RevoSlot.

Incredibly huge motor, eh?
My bad, perhaps I should have described it as a Carrera Digitalised car, or something. :)
Or brushless Revoslot for Carrera digital track.

Regardless of that, what advantages are we seeing over the fantastic stock Revoslot motor?
(2nd-Feb-24, 12:10 PM)Kevan Wrote: [ -> ]what advantages are we seeing over the fantastic stock Revoslot motor?

Way more power than most brushed motors at only half the size (or less). If that's what you want. Not everyone wants their Scalex VW Beetle to run as fast as a winged car. It tends to leave Beetle imprints on the drywall at the end of the longest straight.  Bigsmile

I've been running all sorts of brushless motors in my RC planes for years. It's considered old tech already.

Like a moth to a flame. Some people like to go too fast and break cars.
I'm fully aware of the power increase but it's wasted when the car drives off the end of the first corner Ambulance
We are saying the very same thing Uncle Kev. Trouble is you'll never convince a moth not to go into the flame.

Mind you some people have an unlimited budget and can just order another car... and more drywall.  Wrench
Some advantages of brushless,
Quieter operation
No need to bed in the brushes when new
Performance doesn't change with time (i.e no brush wear)
Longer motor life
More efficient so less heat
Better power to weight ratio
More granular control i.e throttle and brake
Generally cheaper

Reason to try, 
person is less likely to die from boredom :)  [just kidding]
DC motors usually don't make much noise. The gears maybe a little.

Generally cheaper than what? A 1:1 '63 split window Corvette at Barrett Jackson?  Bigsmile

A 25k Fox-10 runs like a bullet and costs $9 USD. A 35k slimline motor with way too much torque costs a mere $13 at Professor Motor.

I'll reserve my brushless motors for my RC planes where the power to weight ratio has a greater effect than in cars.
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