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Full Version: Overhead timing displays fir slot rally events.
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Hi All 
I have just held out first rally event and as always there was a few teething issues to solve. Which was resolved and a nice event was had and a lot was learnt for the next meeting. 
One of the issues I had thought about is rally event timing. 
Now the DS200 is good as it gets the timing done via laps etc.. but to make the event more exciting and a clear narrative of what is happening would be the option of DISPLAY TIMING ON THE ONGOING STAGE. 
 Like the real timing on the WRC when the stage is being run the competitors time is shown as he drives the stage. So my question is, Is there a way of displaying the overall stage time when it is being run? 

If I can get some way  to display the timing as they are actually happening the whole drama of rallying   Would enhance the event 
. I look forward to reply’s from people who may know a solution.
Hi Paul,

When running a stage rally I have just used the DS Pro box, and clicked on the laps/time button to display the current running time. Think that's how you do it, but it's been a while.... Even better if it's attachment to a large screen, obviously. 
Thanks will play around with that idea ?