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Full Version: Slot.It Round 2 (15th May) and Handicap Challenge Club Cars
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Steve P, me, Steve B, Alan, improved our PB’s. (Both Steve’s and me by just 1000th of a second… weird)

[Image: 1684246279085-png.347676]

[Image: 1684246294786-png.347677]
[Image: 1684246310646-png.347678]

Club Cars Handicap Challenge

James, Trevor, Steve B, improved their PB,s.

[Image: 1684246446793-png.347679]

[Image: 1684246470838-png.347681]
[Image: 1684246488596-png.347683]

[Image: 1684247165464-png.347684]

[Image: 150878-187c73d98c44e9a793a0dc8334153e04.jpg]

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[u][b]Next week is F1 Club Cars & GT3