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Full Version: Corvette SS 1957 (XP-64)
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I have to start a new project!

I don't know too much about racing history, I go for what appeals to my eyes when I choose subjects. This one I can't resist!
Maybe not as sophisticated a design as some of the European cars from the period, but has, I think, a flavor of '50s science fiction style... Sun
[attachment=30062] [attachment=30063]

It was made to support sales of the stock Corvette but is a real race car aimed for leMans. It raced only once, at Sebring, and was very fast but did not finish.
Shortly after, GM stopped all factory racing. So this is one of those „could have been “.

There are lots to read on the web, if anyone is interested, here is one:

Off we go.
[attachment=30065] [attachment=30066]
[attachment=30067] [attachment=30068]

I made my own „blueprint“. This is just to get the right dimensions for the lump of wood. When it all comes down, it's about looking at photos.

Open cars are generally more easily done, but this one definitely contains challenges! We have the „dollar grin“ grille, the side panels, and more...

Wish me luck! Bigsmile
Oh this is going to be a beauty.
Your artistry is far beyond what I can every hope toward.  I really do appreciate watching your work.   A fabulous subject!
Yes, and might make a good slot car, it is rather large! The scale width of the body is 51 mm.
I have never seen it as a slot car though.

51mm is narrow for a 1/32 bodyshell
Yes, thanks Kevan! I didn't consult my papers... It is 58mm! Must be the age. Sun
Definitely wide if you are used to Lotus Elevens (47mm).  Bigsmile

Looks fantastic Carver - thanks so much for sharing with us!!!

In the first pic - is that a motorised micro sander??
Now look 'ere you.... I have copyright on that shot Rofl

Rofl Rofl  I am so sorry, Gordon, and too late to edit! Sweating   Never a chopping block and an axe again, I swear! Handshake

Anthony, it is a Makita 9mm belt sander.
The machine itself is not really micro-scaled but built for heavy duty! Besides making slot cars I use it for professional work.
Black & Decker makes a Powerfile, it's cheaper but does not last as long as this one.

I'm gradually replacing all my power tools with Makita. Even the blue series pro tools from Bosch have started to let me down. OK, they did a lot of work but that's what pro tools are for. As I have a few doors to make, I doubt the Ryobi router I have left working is going to survive the strain.
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