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Full Version: Goodwood Round 2 (1st May) & Super Saloons Handicap challenge
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Andy, Steve P, James, and Steve B all improved their PB’s (Steve P by a 1000th)

[Image: 1683017552953-png.346096]

[Image: 1683017568286-png.346097]
[Image: 1683017585030-png.346098]

Steve B and me had a couple of enjoyable ding dongs both resulting in Steve’s favour. Heat 6 and the A Final, heat 6 I dropped it around lap 23 and in the A Final I hit traffic around lap 24.

[Image: 1683018870727-png.346105]
[Image: 1683017629515-png.346099][Image: 1683017640202-png.346100][Image: 1683017649293-png.346101]

Super Saloons Handicap Challenge

Andy, Steve P, Steve B, and me all increased our PB’s, and James setting a decent one as well.

[Image: 1683017702618-png.346102]

[Image: 1683017715198-png.346103]

[Image: 1683017729943-png.346104]

Although this handicap challenge is a difficult one, because 1 off can really cost you. 5 out of the 7 heats, and both finals, 3 drivers finished on the 25th lap, and the other 2 heats 2 drivers finished on 25th lap. So, it is more like a chase than a race and there were quite a few very close chases.

Next Week: Super Saloons & Slot.It.