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Full Version: F1 Club Cars (3rd Apr) & GT3 Handicap Challenge
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F1 Club Cars

Katelin, James, Alan, and Kate improved their PB's.

[Image: 1680617891797-png.343329]

[Image: 1680618247300-png.343330]

[Image: 1680618261228-png.343331]

Few noticeable things to me tonight were Steve P, who won the C, B, & A, finals, Nice one Steve. Steve B who top qualified with 3 wins & a 2nd, and also had a few close heats with James. Trevor driving superbly and winning 2 heats both with virtually race long pressure.


Andy, Trevor, Steve B, and Ralph all bettered their PB’s with Ralph increasing his fastest lap time. James, Kate, and Katelin all set new ones.

[Image: 1680618354854-png.343332]

[Image: 1680618376170-png.343333]

[Image: 1680618395510-png.343334]

Next week GT3 and Sports/GT