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Full Version: Slot.It Round 1 (27th Mar) & Handicap Challenge (F1 Club Cars)
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We had a couple of visitors, Katlin, and James.

Katelin who had never raced before, she did remarkably well, driving, marshalling, and very quickly got to grips with our format.

James who has definitely raced before, immediately tackled the track with gusto, and got to a good pace very quickly.

Kate, Kevin, Trevor, and Alan improved their PB’s with Katlin and James setting theirs.

[Image: 1680268697257-png.342857]

[Image: 1680268730259-png.342858]

[Image: 1680268784976-png.342859]

F1 Club Cars

[Image: 1680268816160-png.342860]

[Image: 1680268847238-png.342861]

Ran out of time again so have used heat results for points.

Next Week is Fi Club Cars & GT3

(Sorry for late report, had loads of other commitments this week)