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Full Version: Goodwood Round 1 (13th Mar) & Handicap Challenge (Super Saloons)
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Ralph, Kate, Andy, Alan, Trevor, Steve P, Kevin, Steve B, all improved their PB’s.

[Image: 1678818078621-png.341030]

[Image: 1678818097637-png.341031]

[Image: 1678818137080-png.341032]

A well done to Alan with 2 heat wins a 1st in the B final for a place in the A Final.

Although there was some close racing, this heat (9) stuck out as every driver held 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, throughout the heat.

[Image: 1678818190187-png.341033]

Super Saloons Handicap Challenge.

Trevor, Kevin, Andy, Steve P, Ralph, and Me in improved our PB’s, with Ralph setting another lap record.

[Image: 1678818228266-png.341035]

[Image: 1678818246670-png.341036]

[Image: 1678818265317-png.341038]

We were always going to be a bit tight on pit space, but Trevor has found himself a nice cosy new one…
It was a good night with plenty of competitive racing from everyone.

Next Week is Super Saloons & Slot-It