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Full Version: Group 5 Round 1 (6th Mar) & Handicap Challenge (Goodwood)
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Group 5.

Every driver improved their PB’s, with Ralph improving his lap record, and Tom set a decent one for his first time out.

[Image: 1678206073531-png.340164]

[Image: 1678206108789-png.340165]

[Image: 1678206133069-png.340166]

We had a new driver, Tom, give us a visit. We lent him a car and controller, then he was away, and joined in the night’s racing.

There was a couple of nightmare heats, but overall every driver is getting to grips with the track, and getting their times down, also there was a couple of heats with only 2 off’s (I was in one of them, and I was the 2 off’s…).

Goodwood Handicap Challenge

[Image: 1678206175795-png.340167]

We only had time to run the heats, and nearly every driver improved their times.

Points worked out from heat qualification:

[Image: 1678206206046-png.340168]

Next Week is Goodwood & Super Saloons