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Full Version: Super Saloons & Slot.It (Jan 30th)
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Super Saloons

Andy, Kate, Trevor And Kevin all improved there PB's from last week.

The Personal best chart is looking a bit Blue and Green...

[Image: 1675192389177-png.335110]

Just thought i would add an average time column as amatter of interest.

[Image: 1675192402680-png.335111]

Trevors putting us all to shame by being the first to add arches. nice one Trevor.
(you've made me feel guilty for not making an effort)

[Image: trevorssupersaloon01-jpg.335122]

[Image: trevorssupersaloon02-jpg.335121]

[Image: trevorssupersaloon03-jpg.335120]

Alan has now made me feel even more guilty, with his Flairs... or Arches...
[Image: alansss01-jpg.335125]


[Image: 1675192419010-png.335112]

[Image: 1675192432696-png.335113]

Steve made his presence known by winning both the B & A Finals.
Ralph set another lap record.

Next Week: Slot.It and F1 Club Cars