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Full Version: Winterrun Raceway
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A few pictures of my Scalextric Sport Digital track, I call Winterrun Raceway.
A few pictures of my Scalextric Sport Digital track, I call Winterrun Raceway.
I wanted to add a few comments about the track, that I neglected when I first posted the photos.
 The track is 43 feet long, or 13 meters, with a 2 meter straight away past the pit lane. It has three lane changes, and a pit lane. It also has curves containing all four radii. Some of the curves are cambered for better car handling at speed. I recently added two raised sections to the track. One is at the far end near the back wall. It rises 1 inch, makes two ninety degree turns then drops back down in a corkscrew fashion. Kind of my version of the Laguna Seca corkscrew turn.
 The second raised section is on the final straight heading back to the start/finish line. It's another inch rise with a jog right and then left before the final turn.
 My previous track had higher rises of several inches. These were exciting to see when the cars climbed and dropped back down, but also required a much larger track, that was just too hard to marshall. These smaller rises in elevation still provide the driving challenges I wanted.
 We've raced up to five cars at one time on the track. Great fun. My eleven year old son holds the track record of 6.26 seconds, with typical lap times in the high 6's to mid 7's.
 Thanks for viewing.
My neck was getting sore from leaning sideways.  Sun

Nice track!

If you click on the image they open the right way up.
There's some interesting cars on the shelf over the window

...and RISK...not seen that for years, we used to play that in the 70's/80's
Finally got around to filling in the areas around the raised track with plywood "grass". Also freshened up the rest of the green areas.