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Full Version: Carrera Digital after 10 year hiatus
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Old Carrera Pro-X and Evolution track out of storage - plus new digital pieces to replace the Pro-X sections.

Track is U-shaped roughly 2.5 meters (8ʻ) on left, 3.9 (13ʻ) back section under windows, and 2.5 meters on right.

The base is very solid, plywood top, except right side is insulation foam (10cm or 4").  Iʻm planning a 2nd level with O-Gauge trains.

Track is figure-8 with hairpin on left and 2/30 banking on right.  Pit Lane, 2 double cross overs, and 4 additional power drops.

Will be adding lane chipping TEK-Slot Solo digital to analog conversion and swap out some track features with routed wood sections.

Slower section on left and high speed banked turn on right - run solo against ghost cars.  Main interests going forward scratch building cars and scenery.

Welcome Mauka. Wavegreen 

Looks like a nice track,