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Full Version: Ninco Classic Wire Wheels Wanted
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Hello all,
A friend in North America is looking for some of the Ninco plastic wire-wheels that are fitted to their "Classic" range. He is restoring a collection of these for club use and wants them on original wheels. As you will know, the Ninco axles are slightly larger diameter than Scalextric standard.

Please let me know if you have any (even single ones) for sale and advise cost in a PM. 

North America or UK locations would probably be best.

Hi Leo, I likely have a few sets that have never been used, and are probably still on the original axles.

I will not be home for a couple of weeks, but, will check then,..........if that timing works ??

Chris Walker
Hello Chris,
That sounds good. You probably know the original requester from the World-Wide Chats - Jeremy Cobert and as you are on the same continent it would make sense for you to deal direct. Will send you a message.

Best regards, Leo