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Full Version: New Track build
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Lol - I cannot tell you how many times my track becomes a storage (albeit temporary) depot for tools Rofl

Track is looking good - get power onto it and you will revive ;)
Barriers/fences finally finished, next will be power and lane changers
[Image: image1-copy-27-jpeg.310237]

[Image: image0-copy-16-jpeg.310238]

[Image: image1-copy-28-jpeg.310239]

[Image: image0-copy-41-jpeg.310240]
Looking good, Gref!  Thumbup
My mate Col made these for me, now just gotta fit them
[Image: img_4196-jpg.311485]
All lanes powered, now gotta fit lane changers and clean up then onto scenery
Thought I would try the crossover section and see how it works, turns out it works nicely

[Image: image0-copy-jpeg.311757]

[Image: image1-copy-30-jpeg.311758]
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