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Full Version: Bedroom floor test track layout 1st effort
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Joined the forum a few weeks ago and after some advice from members this is what I have come up with. I initially ran it with 2 separate tracks but decided to put in the crossover section to make 1 big loop. I've been running cars with magnets and without and must admit to liking the no magnet ones better. I'm still not 100% about the inside section, I might see if I can get an extra loop in. I would like to upgrade the controller at some point which is why I've got the ARC ONE powerbase as I know I can disconnect the power to the tracks but still get the stats off the app and connect the new controller via another power source. I'm going to have ago at making my own corner barriers and run offs from some board I've found that is the same thickness of the track.
Looks great so far!  Thumbup