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Full Version: Auto Modeller
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I noticed that there are a few missing issues from the uploaded Auto Modeller magazine. I think I have some if not all the missing copies. Would Slotracer like them? If so, do I need to send them to someone, or do I scan them myself?
I think best to contact administrator JasonB.
Yes we'd definitely like them please. Thumbup

You can post them to me, or send scans, I don't mind which. Let me know which you'd prefer and I'll PM my address or email.
Ok, I will dig them out of the loft. Looks like I have a missing 80s scalextric catalogue as well - 27th . Are you contact details on the website, or can you send a private message. Sorry I am new to SRO!
You only need to log in, go to "members" and you'll find "JasonB" on top of the name list.
On the right you'llĀ  find a link to email him.
I hope this will help you.

Kind regards,

Hub Thumbup
Thanks, i'll contact Jason. I've just found the Scalextric 30th edtion as well.