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Full Version: Le Mans Tribute Track 1/32 Scalextric
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(17th-Dec-21, 01:37 AM)jackyickx53 Wrote: [ -> ]A word about my pits.  I was going to have a minimalist circuit at first (that lasted about a week), and only made a pit box the general shape of the Le Mans pits.

Then I saw people having good results with using printed textures over the foamboard.

So I started adding textures to my pit.  One thing led to another and I ended up with the building pictured above.

Many liberties were taken, but paramount to me was the inclusion of the center section, which is repeated often along the run of the real complex.  Housing, I am led to believe, press, officials, and dignitaries.  I just love the look of this, and see it in so many pit photos.

Then to give the illusion of length, I doubled up and had two cars per pit box.  Normally, of course, there is but one.  But I didn't have room or printer ink enough to do a complex 60 boxes long. 
Really love the atmosphere you gave to your track Thumbup 
I would be happy if I'm able to get half the same result with mine

After posting the pits photo from the 1963 race, I had to call the Phil Hill Aston Martin GT car into the pits as its competitor, the Ferrari GTO was already there.
Thanks for sharing and please keep showing pictures of your beautiful track. Thumbup
You've done some amazing detail work Jacky. Nice job! I like your collection of Le Mans Miniatures too. I have a couple of questions - 1) How did you print on cloth for the flags? and 2) What figures did you use above the pits? I don't recognize any of those faces.  Bigsmile
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