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Full Version: Le Mans Tribute Track 1/32 Scalextric
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(2nd-Dec-21, 08:43 AM)rallyhub Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you for posting photos of your beautiful made track.
What material did you use for your hay bales?

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Thank you so much!  I wish I had taken pictures as I went.  They hay bales were made from styrafoam cut to size and then covered in white glue and coated with a mix from dried grasses that I had run through my wife's juicer mixer.  I just took grass clippings from the yard, left from a mulching mower, let them dry out and achieve that tawny golden color, then blended the heck out of them.   I experimented with "baling" them with various gauges of wire, but with the number of bales I did, I thought maybe the eye from a distance would let me get away without it.

Edited to add:  I just saw the X-Acto knife sitting atop the bales on the left.  Sorry!
(2nd-Dec-21, 08:45 AM)LMP Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice work. It reminds me of the first track I built back at my parents place, which was more Riverside based and ten years down the line, but also had printed cloth banners. I’ve not seen that commonly utilised so I recognised it immediately!

The overall quality of your scenery looks great. Well done.

I love the Riverside layout, the original full 3 mile course.  I never got to go to Riverside, but my daughter dated a boy that lived on Bandini Avenue.  Strangely, he claimed to know nothing of the track his subdivison was built over, nor any clue who any of the drivers were.  Fortunately she didn't go with him long!

I'd love to see your banners.  I like that you can wrinkle them up and make them look windblown, and less-than-perfect.
 Doing a bit of souvenier shopping.

I want to make this look better for the t-shirts.

An AC rounding the tricky turn before the pit straight.  The Shell timing and scoring building had not been done yet and the area looks deserted without it.  To me, at least
Great detailing with the gift shop and all the scenery you've created.

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Wonderful builds, superb detailing! 

I would love to see some overall pictures of your track at the moment, to get the feel of what you have done. My build has stalled becaused of an upcoming move, but where we moving sadly, has a much bigger basement Rofl Rofl   

Keep the pics coming please.

As requested, a bit of an overview of the circuit. 

I'm old enough that I wanted something that was flowing, but with a need to be driven.  Challenging for non-mag cars, but not insanely difficult. 

I like having not all the turns constant radius.  Ideally, I should rout, but this was almost done on a whim.  I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it as much as I have.

If I had room, I'd love to rout a Spa or Monza or Brands Hatch.  Maybe next time

While I said I prefer the era before cars became billboards, I do have some 1968 and later cars.  The Matra and GT40 here being examples of models too nice to pass up.  Plus, I get to have Ickx's first victory represented.  (The one where he walked across the track at the Le Mans start, only to have it come down to a matter of a hundred meters difference at the end, between him and Hans Hermann.) 

And a note as to why Ickx walked across the track, instead of sprinting at the start, he was protesting the unsafe start procedures which would result in drivers not bothering to fasten seat belts until the long Mulsanne straight.

It is nice to see cars in their countries' colours.  The French racing blue of the little Panhard, the Italian racing red for Ferrari and the ubiquitous Porsche in German racing silver.

(As an aside, I enjoy there being so many different interpretations of British Racing Green, with Aston Martin, BRM, Lotus, and Cooper all having different variants.) (Lola and BRM seemed pretty close to me.)

After mentioning national colours, I just noticed this photo I'd taken of my Ecurie Ecosse D-Type (resplendent in its Dark Scots blue) passing behind the pit complex, the Cross of St. Andrew serendipitously waving in the wind, from a pole atop the pit building.
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