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Full Version: Le Mans Tribute Track 1/32 Scalextric
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The circuit was beginning to take shape here. 

Liberties are taken big time with placement of features, going more for a "feel" than actually replicating the Sarthe circuit.
I LOVE my Le Mans "Dutray" clock.  I even bought a cheap battery operated clock for the room and replaced the face with the "Dutray Le Mans" face.  I'll post a photo of it soon.
Pits before I added the roof people, but after the flags were flown.  I know it's inaccurate to have the Texas flag for Chaparral, but hey, it's my circuit.  Flags are printed on cloth, with stiffening to allow them to appear to be blowing in a gentle breeze.  They had just been mounted here and had not been "shaped" yet.
A MKII in the esses, seen from the forest.
Beginning to get some people up top.  1/43 scale here for forced perspective.  Thank you Walt Disney!
Signpost with distance to the town of Le Mans and to classic circuits in the region.

A bit bent with age?
Very impressive. 

And just seeing those two 'bare' photos makes it even more so for me.
Very atmospheric. Love it. Wish I had the space ....
Looks fantastic!! Superb work. As you are a Jacky fan - what country do you live in - if ok to ask?
Elsewhere I think he mentioned Texas.

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