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Full Version: Le Mans Tribute Track 1/32 Scalextric
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My favourite era is pre-wing and pre-sponsor, so my track is set in an undefined era from the mid 50's through late 60's. 

It is in no way Le Mans, but is simply intended to convey that "feel."

The buildings are made from foamboard, with an onlay of printed textures.

Figures are both 1/32 and 1/43 (used for "forced perspective").

I'll post a few photos at a time.

Pictured here is a D Type on the back straight.
I'm new at posting, so am not posting too many photos at once.

Here's Carol Shelby stopping by his pit in 1959.
A teaser for my vintage Dunlop bridge.  More on this later, for now just some shots for atmosphere.

The track is Scalextric, painted and weathered to look patched and well traveled.  I hope.
Early in the build, deciding where to place the "Martini" farmhouse, which IRL is across from the White House at the iconic corner.

The fence and spectators are coming soon.
Early view of the pit entrance, before adding the Shell timing and scoring building.

Happy Motoring!
An early possible layout, but it didn't leave enough room for a pit complex.

The top picture is closer to what I finally used.
Scenery was only partially finished here, but you get an idea of the  "patch effect" for the road surface.

The track banners are printed on cloth.
Lonely pits!  Need to add the participants and spectators.
A 275P in the foreground with a Ford MKII in the distance, negotiating the esses.
It was interesting researching the refueling rigs used in each pit.
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