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Full Version: Ron Trackside 3D Printed Figures
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Ron has been playing with 3D resin printing over at his excellent Scalextric Trackside NE Facebook group and has produced two set of figures for sale - a set of nine marshals and a TV Crew of seven figures. I bought the set of marshals and they arrived yesterday - I'm very impressed.

At the moment, Ron is only selling via the Facebook group for the price of £2 per figure (plus £3.50 P&P for however many sets you order) - these are rather exceptional figures for that sort of money. The characterisation is great and the nine make a very nice representation of a modern marshalling crew - although there should probably be at least one chubby bloke for 100% accuracy.
They look really very nice!

It would be great if Ron could make some spectator figures as well.
(There are always more spectators than officials at a race/rally)

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Plus one for Hub's suggestion. This is a remarkably cheap price for 3DP figures, most on the market start at £6 each.
(31st-Oct-21, 08:30 AM)woodcote Wrote: [ -> ]a TV Crew of seven figures.

Hi Andy,

Could you please show a picture of Ron's TV crew?

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Here’s a painted set…


They are usually supplied unpainted.
Thank you for the picture, Andy.
The set looks great and very usable for my rally track.
Is it also possible to buy that set unpainted, if you are not on Facebook and outside the UK?

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Hello Hub,
I have joined the group but cannot see any sales outlet. Have messaged Ron Trackside asking the question.

Hub - I spoke to Ron and posting to Holland is no problem. He’s added a few more figures to the set and will be in touch with some photos soon.
Thank you guys for asking Ron.
That sounds really good. I'm looking forward to his new figures.

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Hello Andy,
Ron has still not replied to my Facebook message (as Scuderia Turini) although he did let me join the group. Please let him know that I want to buy a tv-crew set.
(in my message I told him my actual name and location)

Many thanks, Leo
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