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Full Version: Model Car scale drawings - Lotus and Lola
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Lola Mk6 Coupe[attachment=975]    
Lola T70 / 1[attachment=973]    
Lola T70 / 2[attachment=974]
Lola T70 Coupe[attachment=968]  
Lola T160[attachment=972]    
Lola T260[attachment=971]    
Lola T280[attachment=970]    
Lola T300[attachment=969]    
Lotus 4 cylinder f1[attachment=967]    
Lotus 7[attachment=966]    
Lotus 9[attachment=965]    
Lotus 15[attachment=964]            
Lotus 19[attachment=963]    
Lotus 20[attachment=962]    
Lotus 23[attachment=961]    
Lotus 24[attachment=960]    
Lotus 25[attachment=959]    
Lotus 30[attachment=958]        
Lotus 33 / 1[attachment=956]   
Lotus 33 / 2[attachment=957]  
Lotus 38[attachment=955]            
Lotus 43 and a stray BRM[attachment=954]    
Lotus 49[attachment=953]    
Lotus 49B[attachment=952]    
Lotus 56B[attachment=951]        
Lotus 70[attachment=950]    
Lotus 72[attachment=949]        
Lotus Elan[attachment=948]    
Lotus F1 1958[attachment=947]    
Lotus Indy[attachment=946]
Does anyone have a scale drawing of the Lola T332? Any scale is ok. After multiple searches,I have not been able to find anything. Given that this was one of the most popular F5000's going around on three continents, it's hard to believe that a scale drawing was never done.

I live in hope.

This car?



Superb, almost bought tears of nostalgia to my eyes and the fantastic plans from Vic Smeed, what can I say apart from a bygone age.

You're absolutely right Jeremy. This thread by Gordon is the bee's knees. Thanks Gordon!

My favorite is the first Lola. The Mk6, or Lola GT racing version.  Thumbup
I did the whole alphabet, in case you missed it!. Not every of the available drawings, just the ones I thought  I might get round to at some stage. There is a scheme afoot to republish all the Model Car drawings online now.
(11th-Feb-22, 03:28 AM)KensRedZed Wrote: [ -> ]This car?

Thank you, Ken. Much appreciated. That's the best I've seen so far.
It was my humble pleasure, Peter.

We all have different search styles. I get lucky once in a while.

I hope your drawing turns into a cool car that you can share a few pics with us!  Thumbup

Warm regards,