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Full Version: Carrera Digital Track call button
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Here is a mod that I really don't understand why Carrera doesn't have added to their system already. In my opinion I think if Carrera added this function people would buy it as an accessory.

I will preface this by saying if your Control unit is still in warranty, this will void the warranty!

I took apart my control unit and soldered a wire to both sides of the start switch contacts and ran it out of the bottom of the track connected to the control unit. I added a male JST 2 pin connector to it so I could easily connect and disconnect to the external switches. From here I ran to a distribution block where all of the switches will connect. 


My distribution block has 4 wire connections because I will be adding a ATX power supply to my panel to use the 3.3 volt power for back lighting the switches with SMD LEDs. (Future Project) From the distribution block I run to each individual switch.

The switch is based on how Carrera does the switches for the control unit as a matter of fact the switches are from a blown up control unit. I added 6 switches, one for each driver. This now allows any driver to pause and restart the race when they crash. While this might not be for everybody, I find it very useful for racing with my kids.

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