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Full Version: Dutch Trio Track
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Hi everybody,

After the Dakar Track, I did the wooden Dutch Trio Track (3 lanes scenic race track).
Main dimensions: 4.88mx1.22m.
It is made as a tip-up construction against the garage wall.

Please enjoy the photos.

rallyhub Thumbup
One of my favourite tracks. I copied some elements from your track when I built mine. Sometimes I wish I had just copied your whole track :)

Hi David,

Great to read that my track gave you inspiration to copy some items.
Is it possible to see some photos of your track?

rallyhub Thumbup
It is called Blue Ridge Parkway it is on Slot Forum 
Late at night here in Australia I will post some photos tomorrow
Fabulous track Hub.  Thumbup
Love that Citroen
Thanks you guys for liking.
The SCX Citroen not only looks good, but also drives very wel, because of its lenght.

rallyhub Thumbup
The one thing that makes the difference for me on your track - is that they are not sterile and clean - like a race track really is  Thumbup Thumbup
Hi abie321

Thank you for liking the dirt effect.
The special stages of rallies take place on closed public roads, that can be very dirty. So I have tried to add some dirt onto the track with water thinned brown wall paint.
Just for fun, here are some more photos of the track:

rallyhub Thumbup

And rallyhub knocks it out of the park again!
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