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Full Version: Auto World Thunderjet 'Flames' Release 29 July 2020
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Auto World have become the mainstay of the mass-produced HO slot car world. The company releases a handful of slot cars each month and about half a dozen sets a year. No-one else comes close. Although their cars don’t always thrill me and some customers complain about poor quality control (much improved these days), Auto World do offer something for pretty much everyone. The core of Auto World’s slot car range are re-liveries of late 60s and early 70s Aurora bodies – all fitted to the weird and wonderful Aurora ‘pancake’ chassis. However they have also added new bodies and some wonderful themed ranges over the past fifteen years.

This latest Thunderjet Ultra-G release - number 29 - is fairly run-of-the-mill, featuring new liveries on a 1940 Willys Custom Panel Truck, a '57 Chevy Suburban, a '58 Plymouth Fury and a '67 Corvette Hot Rod. However, I do really like the liveries - they look great and any of these cars will fit perfectly on an HO drag strip or cruising round any HO layout this summer.

[attachment=7511] [attachment=7512]

The Willys van is pretty sharp, the second image showing the Thunderjet Ultra-G chassis underneath. The layout of the chassis is almost identical to the 1960s Aurora Thunderjet 500 (aka T-Jet) "Tuff Ones" chassis, with the addition of a small neodymium button magnet just ahead of the left rear wheel. The magnet aids traction and certainly helps stabilise the car under acceleration on a drag strip. My preference is to remove the magnet for circuit racing, but keeping it in for the drag strip. The tape measure is in inches, by the way. These 1:72-ish scale cars are small, but not that small.


The '57 Chevy Suburban is a nice model and those flames are hot!


The Auto World Plymouth Fury is a favourite of mine. There have been some classy street liveries in recent years and the blue flames certainly take it up a notch. White-walled tyres are a cute.


The final model is the most balls-out of the four - a '67 Chevy Corvette with a big chrome blower on the hood.

These cars will be available individually very soon and are listed as pre-orders in the Auto World Store now - priced $31.99 each.

Just announced for next month are four big-league NHRA Funny Cars (John Force,  Matt Hagan, Robert Hight & Ron Capps) and a very cool-looking "California Cruising" set - perfect for the summer. I'll post pictures when we have them...

Auto World cars and sets are sold widely in North America. Swiss HO enthusiast Stephan Ziedler stocks some Auto World cars at his site Thanks to Round2 for the pictures and news.