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Full Version: Using app to upgrade firmware
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This is the Scorpius Wireless app in development.
Use this page to update firmware on the Generation II car decoder.
Firstly install the app.
Simply download the program to your phone. Either iOS or Android. 
Put the car on the track and tap shell of car in quick succession. The accelerometer had just sensed your request and has put the car in Bluetooth mode so it can talk to phone or PC. It has also put the car into boot mode ready to accept any upgrade or configuration.
Ensure only one car in the room is in boot mods/Bluetooth mode and select device. 
“Scorpius car decoder V5.4” will be visible if one car is boot mode.
Next click and select file ie latest firmware example V5.5
Enter your security PIN supplied at point of sale.
Press update.

That’s it. Your Gen II decoder now has  the latest and greatest firmware. It’s also been switched back to Scorpius mode and your controller can now move the car.
Can I use the app to upgrade my wireless controller and WAM?

Eventually all Scorpius products will be reconfigurable from the app. 
Initially just the car chip will be available as it has the Bluetooth chip to talk to apps.