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Full Version: Cancellation of the 9th edition of the DiSCA Le Mans 24hrs
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Cancellation of the 9th edition of the DiSCA Le Mans 24hrs


Due to the global impact of the COVID-19 virus and the substantial risks associated with proceeding with the 9th edition DiSCA Le Mans 24 hours, we have taken to the decision to cancel the event, scheduled to take place 4-5 April 2020.
Team Captains have been notified and there is an extended version of this message in the Driver's Lounge addressing potential questions from competitors.

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What a shame. But unavoidable I guess.
Preparation for the 2021 edition starts now... with hope that all the competitors and organisers are fit and well to take to the grid next year.
A very sensible decision.  Established annual events are cancelling or postponing in all walks of life and at all levels. 
Very socially conscious decision.

Event organisers need to respect the duty of care that is now on them.