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Full Version: What are your favourite slot car books?
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There are a fair few slot car books that have been published over the years - not a whole lot recently, but most are still available, one way or another.

Here are the five slot car books that I've found most useful and enjoyable...


1. The Slot Car Handbook by Dave Chang (2007, Crowood Press). Available from Amazon for £11.69 new
This 96-page book is a great introduction to the basics of a slot car, upgrades, track, digital systems and slot car racing formats. The book is written by a UK-based racer and enthusiast. There's also a brief trouble-shooting section and a quick look at scales other than 1/32. It's nearly 13 years old, but it is still a perfect grounding in slot cars. Every slot car enthusiast should have a copy to hand.

2. Racing and Collecting Slot Cars by Robert Schleicher (2001, MBI Publishing). Available from Amazon £22.70 used
This is a rather different, American-based take on a slot car introduction - it's 127 pages and a larger format than Dave Chang's book. Schleicher (who edits the Model Car Racing magazine) wrote four slot car books in the 2000s - Racing & Collecting Slot Cars, Slot Car Bible, Slot Car Racing and Slot Car Racing in the Digital Age. I bought Racing & Collecting when I got back into the hobby and the breadth and depth of the book got me excited about aspects of the hobby I didn't know much about. Schleicher looks at both 1/32 and HO scale slot cars and tracks, which was a big bonus for me. The track-planning tips and track plans (1/32 and HO) take up nearly half the book and are fabulous. There are some nice How-Tos - including building a resin kit, adding curbs on track pieces and painting figures.

3. The Slot Car Magazine Book by Marc Abbott and Ric Woods (2015, Slot Car Magazine). Available from Lulu £29.99 new
This 112-page book is a collection of some of the best articles from the first four years of Slot Car Magazine. The words and fabulous pictures inspire the reader to explore track building, scenics, scratch building and all the different scales. Authors from around the world include Lynne Haynes, Michael Niemas, Rui Costa and Hub Haberts, plus interviews with George Turner, Milan Tomasek, Tom Druckenmiller and Slot Mod's David Beattie. It is a book I keep going back to and includes some great projects, such as Lynne Haynes building a diorama display in a Ninco box, Jay Laverty (editor of Scale Aircraft Modelling) weathering a Cartrix BRM and Hub on building his Swedish rally track.

4. Scalextric 'The Ultimate Guide' 8th Edition by Adrian Norman and Roger Gillham (2015, ADH Publishing). Available from Pendle Slot Racing £40.00 new
More than just a reference book, the Ultimate Guide is a wonderful illustrated history of Scalextric production in the UK and around the world. It does contain every single Scalextric set and model produced up to the publication date of the Guide, with details and annotations. Essential for serious collectors and really fascinating for everyone else. At 700-pages, it's a big book.

5. Digital Slot Car Racing in 1/32 scale by Dave Chang (2011, Crowood Press). Available from Amazon £18.99 new
Despite its age, this is still the definitive guide to digital slot car systems. It covers Scalextric Sport Digital, Carrera Digital, SCX Digital, Ninco N-Digital, Davic, oXigen, Scorpius, Slotfire D-Race and BLST. ARC Pro and SCX Advance are not covered, but the principles of both are very similar to the previous Scalextric and SCX digital systems. The book is not a simple beginners' guide - although it is useful for those starting out. It does include a depth of technical information that is very well written and very accessible. Digital systems are complex, so the this 207-page covers a lot of ground and does the subject justice. I would say it is essential reading for all digital enthusiasts.

So what are your favourites?
I find myself going back to the Schleicher books often (I have the one you mentioned but also thehis Slot Car "Bible") . He covers a lot of topics and points out a lot of things I have not seen anywhere else.

I was not aware of Ric's and Marc's book! I must get that before the wall comes down...

In my experience every book has good info in it. I have never felt that they were a waste of time or space.

Often used examples go on sale for quite cheap. The only downside there is the authors see none of the proceeds...
I don't know about favourites as I have a love/hate relationship with these two:

The 1st edition of Roger Gillham's Scalextric guide (yes, I have all the other editions as well!) and Roger Greenslade's history of other makes. Both are well thumbed and starting to fall apart. They were the first two books I bought when I got into the hobby; I blame them for a 40 year obsession with slot cars and the resultant holes in my wallet.
Following CMOTD's post is appropriate as I have a copy of "Vintage Slot Cars" that was previously owned by Brian/CMOTD. It is by Phillipe De Lespinay who is well known in slot-car circles. This features USA based manufacturers.

I also have "The History of Model Roads and Racetracks" by Roger Greenslade" which I have cherished ever since and can honestly say that it has been handy in my bedside cabinet ever since ! This covers UK and USA manufacturers and is an all monochrome presentation but was and still is a fabulous source of information.  It doesn't compare cosmetically to more modern books and can be a pain to navigate but well worth having.

The Ultimate Guide to Scalextric was a hesitant acquisition due to the high cost and having most of the previous issues but it is such an advance over the previous ones that it is a must have.

These are my favourites, alongside which I have others such as the Dave Chang book. Dave was a frequent contributor on the old forum  (as was his partner "Hugs") but faded as his business interests livened up. I see that he lists the book as one of his achievements on his web site so presumably like the rest of us, slot-cars are still in his head.





Like CMOTD, I also started in the 'eighties with the first edition of Roger Gillham's Scalextric guide, which was a must have for Scalextric fans (edition two till four are still missing). I couldn't have guessed then, Roger and his wife Audrey would visit us in 2007 for taking a look at my Scalextric track in the attic. He tought me a lot about the basics of slot car photography, which was, and still is, a great honour for me. I still remember he rejected my first attemp of photos for his 7th edition book, because they were not good enough. How right he was!
At that moment I had no clue, till he told me more about creating better light conditions.

As a rallyfan the book "40 Años de Scalextric en España" is a highlight for me.
It starts with the Scalextric story of founder Fred Francis from 1952-1961, followed by the Exin period 1962-1993, the Tyco period 1993-1997 and ends with the Techni Toys period 1998-2002 (40 years Scalextric Spain 1962-2002).
The text is Spanish, but the lay-out is great and in full-colour.

rallyhub Thumbup

1. History of Electric Model Roads and Racetracks - Roger W. Greenslade
2. Model Car Rail Racing - D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson

The third book is very difficult for me to say, because there are 6 or 7 that really are very good.

On the other hand, it is very difficult to find a book that is not worth it, because all of them have some new facet to contribute.
Great thread . Thanks for starting. 

I started collecting slot car books and magazines 17 years ago. A slow process if you do not want to pay exorbitant prices. 

Mine tend to be from  the 60’s and 70’s although not exclusively as I have virtually all the Schleicher current magazines.

Here are some of what I have .




I also like and use a lot some of the single issue magazines.


There's  a few books on here that I didn't know about! I do like finding gems in old book shops. Struck lucky a couple of times when I was a kid.

Meanwhile, me and Ric have produced a number of books, but had to withdraw them due to constant printing errors by Lulu Publishing. I'm still trying to find a print-on-demand publisher that would match their prices (or better) but so far no luck.

[Image: 106958021_2043262219140555_3568917450627...e=5F23377B]
There is still one to come ...... the drfinitive one that has been on the works for last 10 years at least.... by Philippe de Lespinay - I believe is with the printers now??

SO maybe available soon?