Digest 16

Published by JasonB on Apr 18, 2021 in Digest

Happy Birthday

This week marks two years since we officially opened the doors on the SlotRacer.Online website and forum, and this year has been even busier than the first, with the site regularly attracting around 100,000 visits per month.

Our members have contributed a huge range of high quality content across the whole of the site, and that’s what really makes this place, and this community. So thanks very much to all of you.

But rest assured there is much, much more to come, in fact we’re only just getting started.

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Policar and Slot.It catalogues
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Snow covered scenes on the Swedish Rally track

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The Chronicle

Published by JasonB on Mar 25, 2021 in Features, History, Slot Cars, Updates

Slot Car History

The SlotRacer Chronicle aims to document some interesting thoughts and memories of slot racing history, with our very own slot car stalwart and ex-editor of the NSCC Journal, Brian Rogers.

It’s a bit of a rebranding, and hopefully an improvement on what we used to call “The Pit Lane”, but we’ve also got several new additions.

So, as well as the lavishly illustrated and well documented history of Maxi Models…

Maxi Models slot cars

… the history of Vanquish MG…

Vanquish slot cars

… and the questionable choices of Scalextric and SCX,

Scalextric catalogues

… we’ve also made some substantial additions.


Firstly we’ve added Brian’s detailed account of the forty year history of a venerable, long standing and innovative organisation, namely the National Scalextric Collector’s Club, or NSCC, one of the mainstays of our hobby.

Next Mr Rogers takes a look at the origins, the precursors, and the genesis of the now hugely popular UK Slot Car Festival, detailing the slot car shows which preceded it, and perhaps made it possible.

And last but not least, he recounts the story of possibly the ultimate hillclimb slot track, which was exhibited, and more importantly raced at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and the NSCC Slot Rally show of 2006.

There are always going to be questions and uncertainties about where this hobby of ours is heading, but it’s also important to document as much as we can about where it’s been, what’s been done, and how we got here.

The Chronicle

Slotcar Alley

Published by JasonB on Dec 8, 2020 in Features

Slot cars from Slot.it, Thunderslot and Scalextric, plus figures from Preiser and Wasop

Slotcar Alley is a magical place where all of the most important slot car companies, people and organisations have gathered together in one place. So you won’t have to go searching far and wide for your slot car needs, because you can find everything on the same street. Why not have a wander?

Slotcar Alley

ARC Pro Guide

Published by JasonB on Nov 24, 2019 in Features, Scalextric

An in depth guide to Scalextric’s ARC Pro app.

You may have noticed that Scalextric haven’t yet provided a full user guide for their ARC Pro app. But never fear we have just what you’re looking for; an ongoing, practical, and detailed look at how to get the best out of Scalextric’s digital racing app.

ARC Pro screenshots

The ARC Pro Guide is an invaluable reference for anybody using the ARC Pro app, both beginners and experienced users alike.

ARC Pro Guide